Chow Chow Care

Chow Chow care and grooming

Chow Chow care and grooming

Knowing how to properly go about Chow Chow care is one of the most important steps to raising it into a healthy, balanced life. Here are a few guidelines that you must follow so that you know you give your dog everything it needs.

If you plan to adopt, take a look at Chow Chow Breeders. Perhaps you have a puppy and need more insight into those; see Chow Chow Puppies. To discipline and train your Chow, you should see Chow Chow Training.

Chow Chow Grooming

  • When it comes to the coat, do not clip or trim it. You should regularly groom the coat with a stiff-bristled comb, or a brush with smoother bristles.
  • Employ weekly brushing in order to remove matted fur and tangles, but do so gently.
  • You should only bathe them wet occasionally, but no more than once a month. Find a shampoo for dogs that dries after being applied to hair or skin.
  • Nail clipping is only for house dogs.
  • Ear cleaning should be done professionally.
  • Brushing teeth is not necessary, unless it is fed people food; otherwise, harder dog foods will clean teeth fine.
  • Get into a Chow Chow care and grooming routine.

Vaccinations for Chow Chow Care

Your veterinarian should handle most of this. If your Chow Chow dog will not be interacting with other dogs or wildlife, a 5-way vaccine is given. If it will be, a 7-way vaccine. A Lyme disease vaccine treatment is given either way, along with one for rabies protection. If around many other dogs, it may receive a Bordetella vaccine.

Exercise and Toys for Chow Chow Care

It needs daily exercise, which means putting in an effort for your dog to stay active and healthy. Get it a toy with spikes and ridges, to promote healthy teeth. In most circumstances, a simple tennis ball for fetching will be suitable to entertain it. Chow Chow dogs love tugging on a simple rope with their owner.

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