Chow Chow Puppies

So you want to adopt one or more Chow Chow puppies. Are you sure if this is the right breed for you? The majority of pups are rather easygoing, and can be quite lovable and affectionate. However, you should know that around 4 to 8 months, some have a personality change and become quite troublesome.

Chow Chow puppies

Chow Chow puppies

The Chow Chow puppy may guard things more fervently, such as food and toys. It may show aloofness, along with becoming more pushy with others. It is sometimes normal for them to express aggression and irritability around strangers, both human and other animals. While a lot of this can be fixed earlier on, as you can find out from Chow Chow training, some of it is within the nature of the Chow Chow breed itself. Proper training makes aggression in Chow Chow puppies go away, while the other temperaments are manageable with early socialization.

The Selection Process For Chow Chow Puppies

Study the behavior of the Chow Chow puppies when making your choice. You should be able to easily pick one up and hold it. If it becomes aggressive during any time, reconsider choosing that one, because it can become quite a burden later on.

Please note that you can’t break a Chow Chow dog out of its shyness. Some people are under the impression that dogs can come out of this later on, but it very may well be ingrained into its nature. Friendliness and curiosity is considered normal, along with being playful and outgoing about meeting others. Pay attention to these things before you make your decision.

Tips For Selecting From Chow Chow Puppies

Remember to ask about any medical conditions, such as hip dysplasia or entropion. If you need assistance in choosing your Chow Chow dog, seek out a breeder. A certified breeder should have all relevant X-rays and follow-ups. If it has chronic aggression, there may be a problem; see a specialist about this immediately. A reputable one will have given your pup all necessary vaccines (see Chow Chow Care).

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