Chow Chow Training

When conducting a Yorkshire Terrier training please be sure to consider the following ideas:

  • Pick up an instructional guide on the subject at your local book store.
  • Be consistent with the Chow Chow obedience regimen you begin.
  • Don’t try and force the dog to like someone. They have to choose.
  • Implement positive reinforcement and support well into adulthood.
  • Be authoritative; take the role of the pack leader at all times to gain respect.

When Should Chow Chow Training Begin?

Chow Chow training

Chow Chow training

Do the regimen from puppyhood, or as soon as you get it, and continue this regimen even after it has grown. This is important for fostering values into your dog, and ensures that he keeps them well into his life. Proper instruction and care is the foundation for a healthy attitude in a dog. Always do it at the earliest time possible.

How Should I Go About Chow Chow Training?

You need to have the right mentality to begin your Chow Chow obedience method for your dog. From very early on, you have to show dominance over your Chow Chow because it is a very dominant breed. You should be a relatively calm person, but also with a firm confidence in your demeanor, to gain its respect. You must be consistent with your dog so that you can expect it to be consistent with you.

What Should the Chow Chow Training contain?

Do not be nervous around your dog during your Chow Chow training. It is able to pick up on emotions. If you’re anxious, it will feel the same. If you’re calm and collected, your dog will realize that and trust in you to be able to handle the situation. Always give it praise, and discipline it where applicable. Don’t support its negative behavior, but make sure it realizes what you’re reprimanding it for. Socialize it often. Pet and play with it regularly.

Chow Chow Training Advantages? Disadvantages?

If you don’t instruct it early, it will develop behavioral and social problems. It may be more unruly and stubborn, and much more aggressive around other people. These steps are necessary to make it behave better, letting it function appropriately around societal situations and strangers.

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